Stop n' Slurp Showdown é uma canção ouvida em "Star Viaja para a Terra", enquanto StarMarco lutam com o exército de Ludo.

1ª Temporada
Meet LudoStop n' Slurp ShowdownHugsAmethyst Arcade FiascoDistractedYard BattleField of ScreamsDon't Listen to HerReturnio Armius NormalrinoSpy StarMeatball BoyGet to the Shed!Cheer Up MontageMúsica de OskarSpace UnicornOskar Isn't CallingBig Boy Diaper BlastGet OrganizedSeven-Headed DragonDragon KnotsEverything's Coming Up StarRubber Sparkle Bounce HouseStar Kicking BusMewberty Star Heart WebMewberty Star AttacksPixtopiaShard Mine ChaseKill Them AllLobster TurmoilSleep SpellsSteal Your FutureWe Have Each Other's BackLa Calaca FelizBlood Moon WaltzTom Freaks OutMeet ToffeeLove Is Always the AnswerThings Will Be DifferentFreeze DayFather TimeMarco's LifeKing Butterfly's PartySt. Olga's InfomercialPinkies at 90 DegreesEmbrace a Princess MentalityMy Fellow Wayward SistersPrincess PartyHeinous SchemeMewnipendence Day ReenactmentDojo ChaseSkullnick vs. EvilWise Laser PuppyHair FightToffee vs. MarcoStar AttacksStar's DecisionGreater Than This Dimension
2ª Temporada
Mystery TrioDay 37Ludo vs. SpiderMetal StarNo Matter How DestructiveMarco's NightmareOskar & Glossaryck RapBefore the SinkholeInvisible Goat ChaseAll the Dog ProblemsSerpent's SongStar at StationLudo vs. RatsCloudy Is Out of ControlMina LoveberryMaking Weapons with MinaStar Climbs the MountainOne Last PiggybackStar's RingtoneTadpole ChaseBuff ReunionBuff Frog ThemeNo Bumpy ThumpyGoblin Dog TripWorst Wand Fight / Warnicorn Stampede FTWGame of Flags Score SelectionsDetention DashLied Big Time / Not the One Who LiedThe Card AwakensAwesome FeelingToo Little Too LateBuff Frog EscapesI Am Hungry LarryCold Ones for My Number OnesBubble Wake UpThe Grandma RoomMarco's Good Time ThemeBad BookHistory of NaysayaMarco Confesses AllWaiting for MeJarco Interrupted / Graveyard Battle / The Portal Turns / Save StarSuch a Simple ConceptStar's Tree of HopeBlow Out This Flame / Mad Marco / Marco's New Life / Marco's Old LifeStar's Beautiful MindSave the Bounce LoungeProud of LudoJeremy Is AwesomeJust FriendsPerfect Princess MoonThe Ballad of Star ButterflyLudo's Not Home / Toffee vs. Moon
3ª Temporada
Moon vs. The LizardJoke Is on MeToffee Returns / The Last MagicStar Is a Dipper
Eu Vim de Outra DimensãoTema de EncerramentoShining Star

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